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Soft Power in Uganda
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Safari Overview

VOLUNTEER WITH SOFT POWER UGANDA Summary of program: Soft Power Education is based in Jinja, Eastern Uganda, and allows you to get involved at grass roots level in rural Ugandan communities for as little as a day to for as long as a year, around dates that suit you. It is set in an idyllic locale by the White Nile, near Kampala.

Safari Add-ons
Download and print the relevant pages for this safari from our brochure (PDF)


Volunteering with Soft Power Education in Uganda

Placements with Soft Power Education can be arranged for any length of time, from one day to one year! Based in Jinja, Uganda we can easily arrange placements to coincide with your overland safari.

Especially note that any of the trips commencing in Kampala, such as the Wildlife Journey, the Rivers of Africa, and Taste of Africa, actually spend the first few days in Jinja by the White Nile where Soft Power are based. It is really simple to arrive a little early and put some time in here with the kids before your truck arrives the day before your trip commences.

Weekdays are spent helping out at the schools, doing a range of activities; from helping out in pre-schools, to building and refurbishing buildings for the schools.

The weekends are your own, and with the wide range of activities available on the Nile and Lake Victoria, you'll never be bored!!

There is accommodation at campsites at nearby Bujugali Falls, in dorm rooms, bandas or camping, there is also the possibility of placements with families within the community, or staying at the schools (during busy periods).


Daily Programme

Taking part in a one day volunteering placement with Soft Power Education will involve heading out in the morning with one of their trucks, and returning at the end of the day.

You will be taken on a tour of the Soft Power Edcuation protects located in and around Bujagali including the pre-school, children’s centre and the education centre as well as being given a brief talk about the organization.

From here, you will spend the day assisting with the on-going School Infrastructure programme where you can get stuck in with painting and decorating the newly built classroom blocks, helping to create a more inspiring learning environment for children and teachers alike.

The daily programme involves a minimum donation of $25 to cover the costs of the day including materials and transport. The money also goes towards the sustainability of all of Soft Power Education’s projects, enabling the organisation to continue to grow and develop.


Long Term Volunteer

A long term volunteering placement is anything longer than the one day programme, lasting from two days to one year.

As a long term volunteer you will be based in Bujagali and assisting in a variety of projects across the pre-schools, education centre and with the Special Education Needs programme with timetables spreading your time between the three and everyone being encouraged to get stuck in!

A donation of $90 per week is required to fund the daily running of the programmes and again, for the sustainability of SPE.


Group Volunteering

Volunteering as a group is another option and one that does require advanced notice to arrange.

Group volunteering requires a minimum of 5 people to fundraise £175 per person per week on site. This fundraising in turn covers the costs of materials for painting or construction work and the projects undertaken are dependent on the amount raised. In addition, SPE ask for $25 per person per day.

Group volunteers too, have the option to pay an additional $25 per person per day to spend time living on-site at the school. You will be dropped at the school on a Monday and collected on a Friday in time for the weekend break. Groups are allocated a classroom to live and sleep in and are provided with a mattress for the floor, all your cooking equipment as well as a cook to help with meal times. You’ll just need to pay for the food on site, bring a mosquito net to prevent the bugs getting you at night and a sleeping bag to keep you cosy! The group programme is a very unique opportunity to get really involved in the local community having a very real direct impact!


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Budgeting Summary


The costs to consider when volunteering are:

What's included

Your project price covers:

Your donation to Soft Power Education goes directly back to the organisation, not only to fund the materials you use during your placement but also to sustain the programme once your placement ends.

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Spending Money

<b>Donation required per week:</b> This is payable prior, or direct upon arrival.

<b>Accommodation:<b> There are two campsites in Jinja to choose from, so you have the option of staying in a dorm room, a banda, or camping if you have your own tent. Prices are currently approx $12/night for a dorm room, $30 for a banda and $7 for camping.

The option of staying at a school applies when there are enough volunteers. The charge for this is $25 per person per day

<b>Food:</b> Lunches are provided by the school when working on site. If living onsite a cook will be sent out to stay at the school as well and you will need to budget for food costs during your stay.

If staying at a campsite, for the rest of the meals you would be looking at the campsite cafes/restaurants/bars serving Western food, or buying local food, like chapatis, rice, matoke, posho, potatoes served with beans, fish or meat. Depending on location and personal preference, daily food budgets can be about 17,000 Ugandan shillings.

Drinks: water, 1.5L, 1,500 shillings; soft drinks 1,000; beers cost around 2,500 shillings.

<b>Transfers:</b> If staying at a campsite, you would need to budget for transfers into town for non project related activities.

<b>Activities in and around Jinja:</b>

Remember you will probably enjoy doing activities with everyone on your truck during the first few days of your trip if you combine volunteering with a trip.

Particularly a days rafting is a huge buzz to share with the people with whom you will be travelling overland. There is a lot to do though at Jinja so in between helping out you won't get bored. Take a quick look at what they have on offer

White Water Rafting - Nile River Explorers
Grade 5 White Water Rafting
$125 Full Day (includes breakfast and a light lunch)
$115 Half Day
$250 Two Day Trip

Grade 3 White Water Rafting
$120 Full Day (Adults)
$105 Full Day (Children)

Kayaking - Kayak the Nile
$140 Tandem Kayaking
$115 Introductory Lesson
$95 Subsequent Lessons
$30 Sunset Canoe Trips

Horse Riding - Nile Horse Back Safaris
2 hour (minimum) 80,000 ugx
3 hour 120,000 ugx
Every further hour 40,000 ugx
Quad Biking - All Terrain Adventures (ATV)
1 hour 60,000 ugx
2 hours 90,000 ugx
3 hours 120,000 ugx
4 hours 150,000 ugx
Twilight Safari 110,000 ugx

Bungee Jumping

Mountain Biking - Explorers Mountain Biking
$25 Daily Bike Hire
$30 pp 1-2hr Guided Tour of Bujagali area
$45 pp 2-4hr Guided Tour to Bugembe Viewpoint
$45 pp 4 hr Guided Tour of Mabira Forest

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Your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 - 9 months after your trip finishes. Ensure as well you have adequate pages in your passport for each country you visit. Up to 2 consecutive blank pages can be required. If you have dual nationality you can only use one passport for the entire trip, whilst bringing both is wise as a back up. More information can be found in the different country listings on the FCO website under entry requirements.

Below is an estimation of current visa requirements and their costs. If your passport is not detailed below please dont hesitate to contact us for further details of your requirements.

Visas for most passport holders including British, Australian, New Zealand, Irish, South African, German, French, Canadian and American passport holders can be arranged in Africa on route.

Visas can only be paid for in US Dollars cash.

This information is given as a guide only. Visa requirements can change without prior notice. We recommended you also check your personal current visa requirements with the relevant embassies well in advance before you travel.
VISA CHART Kenya Rwanda Uganda Tanzania Malawi Zambia Zimbabwe Botswana Namibia South Africa
Australian - - $50 - - - - - - -
New Zealand - - $50 - - - - - - -
South Africa - - $50 - - - - - - -
Canadian - - $50 - - - - - - -
American - - $50 - - - - - - -
British - - $50 - - - - - - -
German - - $50 - - - - - - -
Dutch - - $50 - - - - - - -
Irish - - - - - - - - - -
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Other exciting ADD-ONs

Pre and post volunteering please click here.

Remember you then need to budget for flights, insurance, vaccination costs and any equipment you might need such as a sleeping bag.

Any queries? Call our office on +44 (0) 208 742 0226, email us at or skype us on skypeabsoluteafrica

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Before You Go

Click on the link below to download the predeparture dossier for this volunteering project "Soft Power in Uganda".

This information has been developed over 30 years of experience overlanding in Africa.

It includes all you might need to know to prepare for this trip and more. We know many people love to plan their trip in detail and we hope you will find lots of "stuff" in here to help!

We also send out personal updates about 6 weeks before departure to all participants heading out on each departure date. This includes final confirmations of pre safari transfers and accommodation and other details relating to your specific travel arrangements so you can check all is as you need.

We recommend once booked on a to trip that you periodically check back here as this information is regularly updated. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on the news area of this site.

And if you are not excited enough about heading to Africa already, check out our facebook page, listen out for our tweets and keep up to date with our blog to stay up to date with all that is happening on the road on the trucks.

Overlanding in Africa is a very different destination from your usual package holiday! You may find some information in this dossier different from what you expected. Whatever your question don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help so feel free to get back to us.

We are more than happy to advise as to what is the best plan for your particular Africa travel needs.

Give us a call, or skype or email. We look forward to planning your trip to Africa with you.

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